Monday, August 27, 2012

Adventures at the library! This year at Schlagle library, kids everywhere had fun at Schlagle's many amazing summer camps. For over ten years Schlagle has been helping people of all ages to appreciate nature and to get outside and experience it for themselves. This summer over 50 kids attended Schlagle's camps. They had fun fishing, making fossils, playing games and even putting on a play. They had so much fun we were always sad to see them leave. I know because i had the opportunity to volunteer at some of these great camps. The kindergarten camp was particularly impressed with our famous ball python, Monty, running over to look at him whenever they got the chance. They also had fun painting t-shirts, collecting space rocks, playing pirate and lots more at our itty bitty explorers camp. The next camp we had were all first graders. They spent most of the week preparing for a play called the Lorax. They loved making their costumes for the play. They also helped to make the set by tracing their hands. In the end the play was a hit! The last camp I volunteered at was one of our older kids camps. Some of the kids had gone to Schlagle's summer camps before, so they remembered us from last year. We had fun fishing for catfish in the kids pond and going on hikes. They also had fun looking for tiny creatures in the water through magnifying glasses. To do this the rest of the volunteers and me waded out into the shallow part of the lake, by the library, and scooped up buckets full of water so the kids could look at the things inside with their magnifying glasses. Then we had a smelling challenge where they had to match their scent to another one we hid on the trail and at the end they all got a prize.We also painted t-shirts with stencils for camp t-shirts and sang songs. Even though I didn't get to go to the rest of the camps I know they had a lot of fun because Schlagle always is an adventure.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talent show Interview

The talent show will come up, and it will be great like last year.  There are a lot of people there and some that got to high school already.  I did the talent show last year, and I was scared out my mind.  I didn't know what to do.

I was sitting there my hand holding my other friends hand scared so then after the kid went it was my turn I really didn't want to go and plus I didn't have eny music for the talent show.    So I sang with my voice only so everyone can listen to me then everybody started clapping for the rhythem of the sound and then when I was finished everybody started screaming and clapping like crazy so know when I new I was good  I wanted to do it again with another song in my head for some people.

When I heard that it was going to be there again I said wow.     I went to my friend and she asked if I wanted to sing with her so I said ok then she said she wanted to sing by herself so I said ok.  But am a little bit nervous abut singing in front of all these other kids that are new here.     I really don't know them very well so I'll have try my best to do what I have to do to get the voice out and stop being scared.

 I hope who ever is doing the talent show will do great because no matter what any body says about you just sing if you really love it and you just feel like being in the talent show and don't really care then just forget about it you can do something else with your  time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Explore By Cole JJ

Almost everyone knows what the explore is. If you dont, it is a very big test for 8th graders. As a student it can be very stressful, because we do not know if we will pass, fail, or how it is going effect us in the future (high school and beyond). Every 8th grader haves to take it there is no matter how hard they try to get away from it. As an 8th grader it can be hard cause we usually sit in the same classroom for approx. 2 hours, 30 minutes. The creators of the explore test is not make us 8th graders overwhelmed, but let the teachers of our future schools the skill that we need or already have for  college and the work place. The explore test also helps your next school provide course plans that will prepare us for college and farther in life.

Holocaust Speaker

          On Wednesday 11 April 2012 there was a 2nd Generation speaker that came to speak to here. Her Mother and Father had a horrible in counter when they lived in Germany (During the Holocaust). They had met in a concentration camp. They were moved around a lot through the concentration camps. Then one day the Germans had split them up. June Feinsilver and Isaac Feinsilver had survived through a lot, and one day June Feinsilver got shipped off to another concentration camp and in luck she met Isaac Feinsilver there. They were both happy even though they were in a terrible mess being in concentration camps.
          They both reunited in America because of a German doctor had let them go because he had no problem with the Jews. Soon after the Feinsilvers were in America they had a Daughter. They named her Evy. Evy didn't know that her parents survived threw the holocaust. But later, Evy Feinsilver had found out that her Father (Isaac Feinsilver) and her Mother (June Feinsilver) had lived through the holocaust. As parents that went threw a actual Living hell (holocaust), they didn't want to speak about it because it brought up horrible memorys, but they had soon let in and told her things that they probably never want to speak of again!
            She also talked how Hitler came to power and Rule over Germany. She kind of made it seem like Hitler wasn't a bad person until he came into Power over Germany. Then he went Ballistic over Jews, and started the holocaust.
           Mrs. Evy came to Arrowhead Middle school, but also has been around to other schools and Districts. She described everything that her Mother and Father when threw and how hard there life was during the holocaust. It was very interesting thing!

I'm The Student of the Month!

So the newspaper staff is making me write an article about myself. I'm typing this only an hour before I have to leave to go to the school board meeting. If you don't already know, I was chosen to be the Middle School Student Of The Month for April. Mrs. Stafos nominated me and somehow I was chosen - I don't actually know how many kids were nominated, so I could have just won by default. Anyway, tonight is the meeting where I will get the award, and I'm really not nervous. I won this same award back in third grade, in the elementary school division. And here I am, receiving it again. I thank everyone who helped in this - Mrs. Stafos, The people in the school board who picked me, My family, and whoever shows up to the meeting. I'm honored.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Interview with Mr. Clark

Interview With Mr. Clark

Apache News:  what inspired you to become an art teacher?
Mr. Clark:   My middle school teacher named Mr. Devins made art look fun.
AN:  What was your dream before art?
MC:  I wanted to become a sceintist, because I thought they only blew things up.
AN:  What made you come to this school to Teach Art?
MC:  I grew up in a small town and wanted to move to a bigger town.
AN:  What is the up and coming work we have to do:                                                                             MC: I have a New Student Teacher (I heard she is awesome--she says "I know I think she is too").  I will be letting her teach my class for one week.  I am also going to a Art gallery with all other Art teachers its free, open to all students, and the Public. I may have a shirt i did in the gallery.
AN: Whats your faviorte Artist
MC: Hmmm thats a tought one i like alot of people and alot of there work. My top 2 i like would have to be Paula Rego, and Rene' Magritte.
AN: Is there any fun things about being a Art Teacher
MC: Seeing kids improve there art skills.
AN: how do you think this your of teaching art has been  
MC: its been a pertty good year i have had alot of student that hasnt taking art in this class for me so its been a pretty fun year.